A week of $NEWINU : (8/07/2021)

  • Website under development
  • Staking Update
  • Marketing Update
  • Weekly Burn

1st of all we would like to thank one of our holders for his very very based post on telegram:

“We know that 1 hour in crypto is like a month in real life…

NEWINU is a token created during the hype of INU like shiba inu and so on but Id like to introduce some important topics for our future past being a meme token.

Here are the 3 key points we will discuss today:

1- Upcoming updates regarding our project
- SouljaBoy’s UnExpected…


The New Guinea Singing Inu ($NEWINU) is a deflationary meme DeFi coin. NEWINU is a creative project, focused to offer a creative hub to everyone.

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