A week of NEWINU Progress, what have we accomplished(7/4/2021)?

HAPPY JULY 4TH for our American supporters! We wish you a great weekend and fun times with your friends and families!

Within this post we will cover different areas of progress as well as some current events for our thriving community!

Most recently, we started A LONG BTOK.IO ADS FOR OUR CHINESE SUPPORTERS! We love you guys! Without the love and support of all our holders around the world we wouldn’t be here so we will continue to do all we can to support all our audiences and hope to make everyone happy.

Our community support is so noticiable even CZ has commented on our project for a second time on his twitter of 2.9Million followers!


Also recently, it was Elon Musk’s Birthday! So we hosted a contest in which the winner who creates the best Newinu+Elon meme wins 1000$USD worth of our lovely token.

More info on the WINNERS and the contest can be found in our last our last post found here: https://newinu.medium.com/newinu-video-competition-elon-musk-birthday-results-86f83edb75e9


1.Perfecting the $NEWINU Bridge (It went live/was already tested, but the bulk of holders want to exchange ETH for BSC, and we need a balance for that, therefore we’re suspending this function for the time being)

2.An ETH/BSC Swap is presently being built! ( coming soon very very soon )


1. The long-awaited BTOK advertising campaign!
(Our Chinese team is the most active in the region, and we’d like to congratulate them on their impressive membership growth!

2. Our coin will be shared and retweeted by cryptocurrency-related Twitter accounts!

3. $NEWINU will be promoted by Big Instagram pages that have previously supported successful coins!

4. Another campaign for our favorite coin will be made by a significant social influencer that you’ve voiced your passion for!

5. We intend to place more Ads, send a screenshot when you see us !

Some numbers regarding $NEWINU:

MCAP ETH: 4 000 000$
MCAP BSC: 8 000 000$
Twitter Followers: 21 000
Telegram members ( China+ENG): 28 000

Learn more and get involved
Check out our website at https://newinu.org/

Join our small but fast-growing Telegram group or Discord Server and ask us questions:
Telegram: https://t.me/NewGuineaSingingDog
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/zgntdGgV3Y

Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates: https://twitter.com/newinu_official

Stay tuned for upcoming articles!




The New Guinea Singing Inu ($NEWINU) is a deflationary meme DeFi coin. NEWINU is a creative project, focused to offer a creative hub to everyone.

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The New Guinea Singing Inu ($NEWINU) is a deflationary meme DeFi coin. NEWINU is a creative project, focused to offer a creative hub to everyone.

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