A week of $NEWINU : (7/26/2021)

First of all, an apology and a promise from the NEWINU team:

Greetings to our loyal supporters! We thank you for sticking with us through our rough spots and would like to explain something that really hurt our team and marketing staff. As you know our team wrongfully announced BustaRhymes before our deal was completely agreed to.

Our team was in contact and negotiating with Busta but through that long week timespan unfortunately the deal fell through due to complications having to do with our last influencer, souljaboy.

Long story short, We understand how difficult it must be to not see the results of an announcement and believe us, our team is even more saddend we wasted so much energy trying to get busta and after a week the deal isnt agreed upon.

We plan to rectify this failiure through reaching out to previously non nourished NEWINU communities. Korea! You will love NEWINU because we love YOU! We will start Korean Ads in our near future.

Oh yeah but also an other infleuncer & some sponsorized article about $NEWINU, be patient our app is the answer.

But price dumped so we wasn’t able to get some accurate statistic, but we will still conduct the campaign.





▶Campaign Rules◀
1. Every participant must follow the NEWINU official Twitter
2. Twitter account must have 1000+ followers and must be original (90% in Twitter audit).
3. User must Retweet 3 tweets from the NEWINU Twitter
4. Create at least 3 unique tweets about the NEWINU project per week, Tweets need to using these hashtags @newinu_official #NEWINU #MEMETOKEN
5. Total number of participates: 250 max.

1000+ followers: 2 stake/week
3000+ followers: 3 stakes/week
5000+ followers: 6 stakes/week
10,000+ followers: 12 stakes/week

▶Campaign Rules◀
1. Every participant must Join the NEWINU official Telegram Group
2. You must have NEWINU Name| & Avatar
3. Make 5 Post on Another Crypto Related Group pre week
4. Each post should have a space of at least 5 Hour
5. Post more than 15 words
6. Spam Post/ Copy Post/ Hi/Hello would not be counted
7. Post your proof of work link on this thread.
8. Total number of participates: 250 max

1. 1 Stake Per post

◀Campaign Rules▶
1. You need to write an article about NEWINU , NEWINU Future , NEWINU Trading
2. Articles should be original and unique with a minimum of 500 words.
3. Don’t copy website about us section, details and Litepaper and other official staffs. Create your own words.
4. Article founds plagarized will get 0 stakes.
5. Max 1 article per person. You can use your own blog website or medium, steemit, and other blogging platform.
6. Article topic must be about the NEWINU Project.
7. Article must contain 3 images related the project, link to the Website, Twitter page, telegram group.
8. You must put your Bitcointalk Username on the bottom of the article.
9. Total number of Article: 250 max

Extra High Quality : 70 Stakes
High Quality: 50 stakes
Medium Quality: 30 stakes
Low Quality 10 ststakes

▶Campaign Rules◀
1. You need to Make a video about NEWINU , NEWINU Future , NEWINU Trading
3. Your video must be 3 min long and must be uploaded to Youtube.
4. Your video must have 500 views minimum. Or it will be disqualified.
5. Max 2 video per person is allowed.
6. Video description must have the website link, Twitter page, telegram group link.
7. You must put your Bitcointalk Username on the video description.
8. Total number of Video: 200 max

Extra High Quality : 70 Stakes
High Quality: 50 stakes
Medium Quality: 30 stakes
Low Quality 10 stakes

This past week has been a rough ride, but our team works hard and our community holds and works harder, thank you all for your support, together we will see the moon and the stars!

If you read this article, yes, the next one is regarding our staking app. But see you in few days regarding this.

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The New Guinea Singing Inu ($NEWINU) is a deflationary meme DeFi coin. NEWINU is a creative project, focused to offer a creative hub to everyone.