$NEWINU — Staking & Yield Farming Dapp

Do you like holding $NEWINU? Don’t you wish you had more?

Well, guess what, now you can get MORE NEWINU before the launch of our New Staking app!

PS: Every Friday from now (weekly event) — 5 pm GMT, a burn will take place. So yes one coming tomorrow.

Now place to the news.

I want to clarify now. You won’t be able to earn $NEWINU token via our staking app; the only way to get $NEWINU in your wallet will stay to buy more!

Let’s talk about the app. You will be able to stake / farm yield. Whatever coin we partner with could be all the same basic token like BNB, USDT, SAFEMOON, ETH, SHIB & much more. There is no restriction; this going to be huge… Believe us; we will target every dog token & meme coin.

Why will this be huge from NEWINU?
1) Less sell pressure
2) More utility
3) More adoption
4) More PR and Marketing
5) More Burn
6) Less Circulating supply

The most important is what you can expect from our yield app;
- Growth the community by 2x-3x
- Increase the burned NEWINU wallet
- Increase NEWINU price passively
- Increase the demand for NEWINU
- Passive money

So we will develop farming for NEWINU token as an LP Farming Base. More details about it, but once again, i repeat, you won’t earn NEWINU via our staking app. Every new listing will be farmed with NEWINU token as a staked based; if you don’t hold NEWINU, you won’t be able to stake in our pool for tokens such as SAFEMOON or whatever other projects you want to farm.

PS: We will provide something unique you have never seen on #BSC …
But we can’t tell you exactly what until the release!

We expect max two weeks of complex development; you won’t see me talking during those two weeks, unless for the future announcement & news.

In 2 weeks (max), we will release our ALPHA version, and at the end, we will deliver the BETA version. And as well, the official version will be released after your suggestion & opinion about the app.

Thank you all for your continuous support! We will always strive to do right by our supporters and bring them big news and announcements; WE LOVE YOU!

( 中文版本 对不起,语法错误)


PS:从现在开始的每个星期五(每周活动) — — — 格林威治标准时间下午5点,都会有一次燃烧。所以是的,明天会有一个。



1) 更少的销售压力
2) 更加实用
3) 更多的采用
4) 更多的公关和营销
5) 更多的燃烧

- 社区增长2–3倍
- 增加烧毁的NEWINU钱包
- 被动地提高NEWINU价格
- 增加对NEWINU的需求
- 被动赚钱



感谢大家的持续支持! 我们会一直努力对得起我们的支持者,为他们带来重大的新闻和公告;我们爱你们




The New Guinea Singing Inu ($NEWINU) is a deflationary meme DeFi coin. NEWINU is a creative project, focused to offer a creative hub to everyone.

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The New Guinea Singing Inu ($NEWINU) is a deflationary meme DeFi coin. NEWINU is a creative project, focused to offer a creative hub to everyone.

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