NEWINU — Video Competition, Elon Musk birthday🏆

We invite you to compete in our Elon Musk competition for an opportunity to win the prize pool comprising of $1000+ worth of $NEWINU🔥

As you know, Elon Musk birthday is tomorrow, 28th June…

You have 24h to fill the form and send your video to us.
Creativity is the key to success in this competition

Here some critical point the video have to match:

  • Contain Elon Musk & NEWINU
  • 512mb max file size
  • Birthday Song or Fly me to the moon by Frank Sinatra
  • Birthday content ideally

Don’t forget creativity is the key to success; it can be a dog that sings happy birthday or whatever else, really be imaginative!

How to participate in the Birthday competition:

Note: All the steps below are required

👉 Step 1: Join NEWINU’s Telegram Group & follow NEWINU’s Twitter
Step 2: Upload your video on any file uploader like, dropbox, google cloud or whatever you want.
Step 3: Post your video to NEWINU’s Telegram Channel
Step 4: Post your video on Twitter and tag NEWINU (@newinu_official) in your post AND use the following tags: #NEWINU #BSC #ETH #DeFi
Step 5: Fill in this form to enter the competition:

That’s it!

Up to 5 Winners

NEWINU’s “Elon Musk Birthday” judges will then select up to 5 winners and contact them through the details provided in the form.

1st Prize: 400$ worth of $NEWINU
2nd Prize: 250$ worth of $NEWINU
3rd Prize: 175$ worth of $NEWINU
4th Prize: 100$ worth of $NEWINU
5th Prize: 75$ worth of $NEWINU

This competition round begins NOW and runs until June 28th, 9PM GMT+2!

All winners will be announced June 28th.

Let’s GO! 🚀

PS: Once you submit your video, we can use it at any time without your consent for the project and its development

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