NEWINU — Video Competition, Elon Musk birthday🏆 (RESULTS)

We invited you to enter our Elon Musk contest for the opportunity to win a prize pool worth $1000+ in $NEWINU ; here the results🔥.

As you know, Elon Musk birthday was 28th June… And we received 67 submissions for this competition; more to come for sure!

Thanks to everyone, you did a fantastic job, all of you, but we had to decide for the TOP5 winners, so let’s stop the wait!

Here the winners:

TOP 1:
400$ ; 0xA03d5F2bf581FEC872593dea26E1c1843fB9C09a

TOP 2:
250$ ; 0x33ccACa77831ED9e713f20A7b6Da1ce2eC0cf58A

TOP 3:
175$ ; 0xB357c6183818041Bad1C91A2a23491539bd87a49

TOP 4:
100$ ; 0x137486B5d84E9b3767165032382669a4b16fEc28

TOP 5:
100$ ; 0x0764A245263965C14F35708F3B32D1F4E2589fe8

Prize will be sent shortly after the announcement.

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