A week of $NEWINU : (8/07/2021)

Here the summary of our weekly update:

  • Website under development
  • Staking Update
  • Marketing Update
  • Weekly Burn

1st of all we would like to thank one of our holders for his very very based post on telegram:

“We know that 1 hour in crypto is like a month in real life but here are the facts:

Newinu has successfully launched a 2 chain token that to date has accomplished lots:

-Over 27,500 holders on BSC and over 6500 holders on ERC
-Developed their own exchange interface
-Developed a ERC BSC bridge (Unfortunately shut down due to abuse)
-Launched advertising campaign on poocoin, btok, twitter, soulja boy and were commented by cz. Also have advertisements running on multiple other sites currently.
-Achieved over 40,000 tg members on all communities
- Have been transparent with holders and accomplished all goals as planned
-Yes we are aware that busta rhymes has not yet happened believe it or not he is still in talks but is very new to this and is trying to navigate it.
-Partnered with BSCarmy and Gotbit to make Newinu Bigger and better”

1 — Website under development

As you can see is under development and isn’t accesible for a very short amount of time, we are working on few edits regarding our website, and we really hope you will enjoy it. Don’t expect anything special, unless a more simple and easy to market website.

More info or future update coming soon!

2— Staking Update

1. Clone Pancakeswap (token+factory+router+staking/farming contracts) and deploy it on testnet. Create LPs with that setup and start several LP Farms with those. ✅

2. Calculate and decide on rates and other parameters and build mathematical model of the process of staking. ✅

3. Develop and deploy smart contracts that will assist and store user data ✅

4. Develop and start server/worker that will be responsible of users’ assets ✅

5. Test whole solution on some simple UI. ( WE ARE HERE )

6. Improve UI for release, deploy whole project on mainet and connect it to the real PancakeSwap.

Everyone will receive the due update regarding the staking, like for exemple a Doc file, how to use and much more once we are fully ready with it. Be aware of 1 super important things, we don’t want the staking app being exploited thats why we are testing and testing and testing. Before any release. Understand this, we are working super hard for our #NEWINUFAMILY!

3 — Marketing Update

During the previous week:

  • We were posted by the shiggy show 2.2m on instagram!
    Posted on his feed!

  • We have been in contact with some different influencers, we are actually still discussing with them, and organize the promotion when our Staking App is out.
  • We have been in contact with 2 Crypto Media for a press release. Much more info and update coming soon.
  • We just started our Korea Strategy Marketing:

1. Influencer marketing (Telegram channel + Blogger)

Influencers and KOLs will help attract Korean investors by introducing and promoting NEWINU directly or indirectly. If necessary, you can do AMA but it is not recommended.

2. Viral marketing

Not directly promoting, but talking about NEWINU as an individual and stimulate people’s curiosity.

It will be done in the most famous crypto communities and forums in Korea.

3. Spam marketing

Create promotional messages about your project that can amplify the interest of Koreans, and send it to famous Korean communities and individuals.

4. Community building&management

Bring Korean users into a Korean community, and Translate&post when there is news or update about NEWINU. Provide quick answers when people have questions.

It is quite essential to have a community that can support them.


Korean translation for NEWINU will be provided.

6. Media PR

Article about NEWINU and much more

7. Banner advertising

Create design and post a banner on the Korean crypto forums. Whereas banner advertisements expose the project to all crypto people directly or indirectly, thereby increasing public awareness.

4 — Weekly Burn

We burned more than 263Trillion of $NEWINU !

Here’s link:

Learn more and get involved
Check out our website at

Join our small but fast-growing Telegram group and ask us questions:

Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates:

Stay tuned for upcoming articles!



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The New Guinea Singing Inu ($NEWINU) is a deflationary meme DeFi coin. NEWINU is a creative project, focused to offer a creative hub to everyone.